What is Startup Expo?

Startup Expo is a platform for startup founders to display/showcase their products/achievements or even interact and pitch their value proposition to all the guests attending the Summit.

Why Startup Expo?

Startup Expo creates a win-win situation for all the baskets of stakeholders, the startups, guests visiting the Summit and for E-Cell as well. Startups get huge publicity, networking opportunities while visitors get to know about all the trending and fast-growing innovations and technologies in the ecosystem. They get to know the founders, interact with them, and with venture capitalists and investors generating chances of mutual benefits.

Why will Startups participate?

  • Expo is the one of the best ways for startups to present themselves to a large of audience in a short period of time, at a very appreciable rate.
  • They get to market/sell themselves to all the guests, which might also consist of their target customers.
  • Networking with other competing founders in and around their operating area. E-Summit also invites a lot of experts in the fields, might they be Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Successful Entrepreneurs, Mentors, and incubators, networking with whom can have long term benefits in future.
  • A very mass and low-cost medium of publicity opportunity at IIT Madras’ Annual Entrepreneurship Fest.

Registration And Guidelines Procdeure

  • Register yourself on the portal by filling the Startup Expo registration form below before 11th April 2018. (Only one member of the team has to fill in).
  • After detailed reviewing and selection phase, selected startups will be notified through emails.
  • After selection, startups are required to send an acknowledgement mail to E-Cell IITM at events_ecell@smail.iitm.ac.in to confirm their participation on or before 12th April 2018.
  • A stall no. will then be allotted to the selected startups, along with a person of contact.
  • Before setting up the stall, startups must pay the amount to E-Cell on or before 12th April 2018. The information will be conveyed through mail.


  • Costing of stalls is different both the two days.
  • Day-2 E-Summit (14th April): INR 10,000/- per stall per startup.
  • Day-3 E-Summit (15th April): INR 15,000/- per stall per startup.
  • All the Expo stalls provided will be of same size.
  • Payment has to be done on or before 12-04-2018.

In case you have any doubts, please contact:
Mr. Ishan Kulkarni,
Networking and Outreach Manager, E-Cell, IIT Madras
Contact: +91-8779680702

or mail us at: events_ecell@smail.iitm.ac.in

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